A bit of publicity

My thanks to Patrick at Fuji Rumors www.fujirumors.com  for featuring my work in his recent roundup of all things Fuji.

Elsewhere I’m really pleased that one of my prints will shortly feature in Canterbury’s Beany Institute exhibition. The exhibition opens on Saturday, and, having had a nose around some of other work when I delivered my print, it’s looking like it’ll be a great show.

Here’s a new image that I’m pretty pleased with:

Heidi Consults The Oracle

Heidi Consults The Oracle is a composite made up of eleven different images, all of the same subject but taken from different perspectives. And before you ask – yes the face really is there. I haven’t put it in later.

Compositing  in this way can create flat, dull-looking images. So once I’ve achieved the look I want, I run through a series of adjustments – contrast, brightness, etc.. until I’m happy that I have the final image. It pays to then close the image and take a break from the screen, as you can get a bit carried away. Looking again with fresh eyes often results in further editing (and often a bit of toning it down!).



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