I used to be a photographer, but I’m no longer sure whether I am or not. I use photography, but I’m not especially concerned with what most seem to consider to be its traditional virtues – sharpness and notions of ‘recording events in front of the camera’. I’d rather find an expressive language of mood, tone, colour and shape. Many of my images find easier comparison with some styles of painting and print-making than with photography as most people think of it. Sometimes this is deliberate, for example my recent ‘Red’ series was inspired by the work of colour field artists, and Barnett Newman especially.

When I started out in photography, I saw life on London streets through the viewfinder of a bashed up Nikon FM2. I followed the well-trod path of my photojournalism heroes, producing work in a traditional street style. I still love this style of work, and for all my forays into other creative worlds, I often retreat to simple street work. You’ll find a portfolio of my documentary work in ‘A Day Off’, an homage to Tony Ray-Jones one of my photographic heros.

My aim is to be younger and a little taller, but failing that I’m just pursuing my instincts.

Thanks for reading.


November 2016