The good thing about not writing frequently is that when you do write, you actually have something to say. That’s both an excuse for my woeful commitment to this blog, and an introduction to some exciting new developments.

Firstly, my work has been picked up by The Artful Project, the online photo gallery. They’re carrying a number of my tree studies. I feel really proud about this. Fingers crossed they prove popular, I could do with a wealthy benefactor.

Secondly, I will shortly be featured in OnLandscape magazine. There’ll be a longish interview and about twenty images. I’m not sure about the publish date just yet but I’ll post a link when it’s live. No doubt my work and comments will enrage traditionalists. I may go into hiding.

Lastly I have published a new gallery on this site. ‘Butterflies’ is quite a departure from my previous work, being neither landscape nor observational. But it’s a theme I’ve wanted to tackle since I found some perfectly preserved butterfly wings on the floor of an abandoned church.

The concept is to show the colour and detail of butterfly wings but without the overall wing shape. The resultant images are sufficiently abstracted so that they can be seen in a number of different ways. Most are still obviously wings (and no less fascinating for that), but they may also be viewed as more generalised organic structures. Some appear even skeletal or fish-like.

Here are a couple of examples. Hopefully you can get the idea. The full series runs to about twenty images. They look their best printed big on a decent silk finish paper, so I’m going to look for opportunities to exhibit.

WingButterfly wing


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  1. Dave Mason January 27, 2016 at 10:02 am #

    Interesting number of portfolio’s on your site Simon.
    I love your coastal and tree shoots.
    With the addition of work such as your street and butterfly images you are a true all rounder.
    I am based down in Kent a fair bit now so if ever you fancy meeting up let know

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