The title of this collection is borrowed from another photographer, Tony Ray-Jones, whose “A Day Off” was one of the first photojournalism books I owned and which continues to influence my documentary work.

All the images in this collection have been taken in or near Faversham in Kent. Faversham is an historic, attractive, quirky market town in the southeast of England. It is the one-time final resting place of a king of England, a cinque port that provided ships to fight against the Spanish Armada, and at various times an important centre for the production of bricks, beer and munitions.

Travel northwest for an hour and you’ll arrive in London. Head north, east or south and you’ll soon tip into the cold sea. I don’t know what happens when you go west, I’ve never been that way.

The people of Faversham need little excuse to hold a festival. Whether it’s a celebration of hops, hats, sailing, or asparagus you can usually bank on some sort of affectionate silliness going on there or thereabouts.

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