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Well here goes. A lot of people have been telling me I should really do something more with my work, other than putting my prints in a cardboard box and posting on Flickr. So here we are.  I approach this venture with  some enthusiasm – it would be great to achieve even modest success – but also some anxiety. I’ve worked hard at this. What if no-one likes it?

I’ve been involved in photography for a long time. I’m not going to tell you just how long, because then you’d be able to work out my age, and I’d prefer to be thought of as an exciting young new talent. But it’s only in the last eighteen months that I’ve re-captured the enthusiasm of my late teens, when I was very earnest about photojournalism, but sadly not very good at it.

What has rekindled my enthusiasm? Three things. Firstly, I ditched the SLR in favour of a fixed lens Fuji compact. This has had a profound impact on my development as a photographer. Light cameras are easier to bring with you, so you get more practise. Simple. Secondly, I seem to be discovering my style. The blurry expressive look is obviously the product of lots of experimentation and many happy accidents, but I’m now better able to predict and pre-visualise the result. The journey is far from over, but I am at least (and at last) on the bus. Thirdly, I have learned through several recent events that life is fragile. We are short-lived creatures, so we may as well get out there and get on with it, whatever our ‘it’ is.  There is much more to say about all these points, but I’ll save it for another time.

Enough preamble. I thought that since this is a photography site, I might use the blog to give a bit of background to some of my images.  Here’s the latest shot:

Seasalter Beach

Seasalter Beach

This was taken on a very sunny November day on Seasalter Beach in East Kent, where I happened to be playing with a new (cheapo) wide conversion lens for my Fuji. It’s an HDR image; a combination of three images, with the exposure knocked back a stop throughout (so normal, -1, -2; rather than normal, +1, -1).  There’s a bit of post processing, mainly to ramp up the contrast and also to cover up some banding in the sky. The desired look is ‘the sun as a massive mean fireball’. Hence it’s positioning and dominance within the frame. I often shoot straight into the sun.  I understand the ‘rules’ about shooting into the sun.  The best thing about such rules is that when you have learned them, you can choose to ignore them.


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